COVID Policy Fall 2021

As the school year fast approaches, please review our current Covid Policy

            One of our main goals is to maintain a safe environment for the children and staff in our program.  With the rising incidences of various forms of Covid 19 we want to provide best practice to reach this goal. We will follow the guidance of the Dept. of Public Health, CDC, and the NYS Office of Children and Family Services. The following is a list of measures that will help to reduce the spread of the virus and still allow the children to develop and play as they should. Guidelines may change dependent upon the prevalence of the virus in our area. Our policy will be updated as necessary.

  • All staff and children will wear a face mask or face shield or both. Masks may be disposable, or cloth. The gaiter type of face covering will need to be at least two thickness of cloth. Have your child bring in an extra mask with them either in their backpack or one that we will keep in a plastic bag for them. We will have extras on hand should they be needed. We will provide times when they will be able to take off their masks when social distancing is appropriate or sneeze barriers are in place, for example, during snack time.
  • Masks do not need to be worn outdoors unless a person wishes to
  • Some of the furniture and toys have been removed for social distancing
  • At drop off time in the morning, your child’s temperature will be taken and recorded. Staff will have theirs taken as well. If the temperature is 100* or higher, your child will not be able to stay. The children will have their temperature taken at arrival time in the afternoon after school.
  • Parents will sign an attestation that their child has no symptoms of Covid-19 and will not bring their child to child care if these symptoms are present. These will include a temperature 100* or greater, chills, cough, runny nose, congestion, shortness of breath, fatigue, headache, muscle or body ache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea. Seasonal allergy symptoms may mimic Covid 19 symptoms. Children will not be allowed to enter or stay at QUMCKidz if these symptoms are present. You must notify your child’s physician for further guidance. A copy of Covid testing results should be forwarded to QUMCKidz staff to have on file.
  • If a child or staff is out for quarantine, QUMCKidz must be notified.
  • Parents will be greeted at the back door of the church at the lower level doorway. Only children will be entering, with their mask on. Parents may be allowed in the building for specific reasons. Use the doorbell to notify staff of your arrival if someone is not present at the door. The door will be locked.
  • All who enter the building will use hand sanitizer available by the door. After hanging up their belongings, they will wash their hands with soap and water and begin play time. Each child will have a specific place to hang their belongings. Sibling’s belongings will be together.
  • Each child will be given their own box with markers, crayons, pencils and glue that only they are to use. Disinfection of the outside of the box will be done at the end of each a.m. and p.m. session.
  • For the most part the children will stay in their classrooms. Occasionally, we will have a child move to another classroom to maintain ratio (1 teacher to 10 children) or decrease in numbers of children. Hand washing or use of hand sanitizer will be done when entering a different classroom.
  • Children may bring their breakfast or afternoon snack. When masks are off persons must be at least 6 feet apart or behind a sneeze barrier.
  • Frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing will be enforced, especially before eating, after sneezing, blowing noses, bathroom use, etc
  • Only one class will be able to use the playground at a time and the equipment will be disinfected after use before another class can use the playground. Outdoor play for each classroom will be in various areas
  • Air filtration machines with UV light will be on in each classroom for improved air quality and decrease of bacteria and viruses
  • Air conditioners may be on or windows will be open for air flow, dependent on weather conditions. Classroom doors will also be open
  • Any crafts or projects that will be going home will sit in a bag for 3 days prior to going home to decrease any transmission of germs.
  • Disinfection of classrooms and bathrooms will be done at the end of the a.m. and p.m. session
  • We will not be open of remote learning. You must have a backup child care plan in the event school closes.